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Problem: You zone out, or have trouble focusing during cardio sessions

While cardio sessions might seem very straightforward, it is important for you to stay focussed on your technique and to listen to your body. Lots of people ask if it’s bad to watch TV while they are running on the treadmill. While cardio can be a great way to catch up on your favourite drama, it can cause bad habits. For example, if you are turning your head to watch the screen, this could affect your posture, which may increase your risk of injury.

You might also get a little caught up in the show and hang on to the handrails while walking or running. This can not only cause changes in your posture, but also means your body isn’t necessarily supporting its full weight, so you’re not working as hard as what you could be!

How you can fix it: Pump up those beats

Instead of watching the latest Game of Thrones ep, put on your headphones and listen to a killer playlist. While I have my own favorite workout playlist that I like to listen to, it’s important that you choose songs that motivate you. I recommend picking something upbeat that encourages you to keep your heart rate up. Some songs just have a way of lifting your mood, even on those days you feel a world away!

Music can also help you keep rhythm when running and it should also stop you from feeling bored mid-way through your workout. At the very least, we can probably all agree that listening to our favorite songs makes us feel awesome!

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