“Training with Miry was a great experience, she took a girl that never liked to work out to goals I never thought I could reach. She really knows what she’s doing and motivates you the whole time. I was weighing 120 and got to my goal weight of 105. Miry thank you so much you are an awesome trainer!!!”
– Jessica Garcia


Miry is great! She really motivates you to always give exercise and a healthy lifestyle 100%. She really knows what she’s doing. I trained with her for a few months and she really taught me about eating healthy and exercise. Now, thanks to her, I can maintain the progress I have achieved and workout all on my own.
– Flor Bordolli


When I started working out with Miry, almost 2 years ago I didn’t even know what a dumbbell was! I was so lost,  but she taught me not only what a dumbbell was, also what a burpee was. She has such a good training program, she will always strive to make you feel better and get to your goal, she pushes you to achieve and want that goal. She has a way if motivating you and she knows exactly what needs to be done to get what you want.. I was 180 pounds and got to 135 pounds with her coaching my eating and exercises. I got to the goal I wanted to, Thank you so much!
– Heisell Caseres (Success Story on Heisell)

I met Miry during a rough time in my life, she was one of many that life sent to me to help, so a huge thank you to her for her support, motivation, and insparation that she provided me with when I needed it the most! Thanks to Miry I got my fitness back on track and I feel better than ever.  “Small changes can make a BIG difference”
– Patty Zavaleta


I am a long time client of Mirys, she is an excellent personal trainer! I have attended her boot camps, they are very intense and a great all around work out. I would recommend Miry to anyone as a personal trainer because she’s energetic and makes you work hard.
– Jessica Martinez

Before I began training with Miry, I had been in and out of gym memberships for years. I lacked the drive or discipline to sustain a workout routine that I enjoyed. That’s when I met Miry. She was incredibly encouraging and catered our workouts to my specific needs and requests. She kept me accountable and has literally made our workouts enjoyable. I look forward to them! She has undoubtedly exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend her to anyone trying to tap into their inner love of exercise – she is phenomenal.
– Debbie Rodriguez

What can I say? I used to hate working out. Miry is a badass! I don’t know how she convinced me to do it, but I now workout 3-4 times a week.
– Sheena Eizmendiz

I love my workouts and what I love the most, is that they are easy and fun. Im getting toned for the summer. Thank you Miry.
– Amber Hernandez

Working with Miry was fun, challenging and increasingly innovative.

– Ceaser Mejia

I want to thank you for your time and effort during our training sessions. You are always professional and very knowledgeable. You push me to try harder than I think I can do. You know how to challenge me both physically and mentally. You know how all the equipment works and how to train me to safely use them. I have benefited greatly from our training.
– David Ward


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