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Tone Up

You have muscle and you have fat covering the muscle. When people talk about toning up they are You can not tone muscle. To make the muscle more visible you can build more muscle, lose fat, or do both.

usually trying to make their muscles more visible. They want to look strong and healthy without getting bigger. You can build muscle, lose muscle or maintain the muscle you have.

Toning your body means getting rid of the fat that is hiding your muscles and if necessary making the muscle big enough to be noticed. The muscles become more defined. To show off my ab muscles I need to get rid of the extra fat and make sure there is something to see. Some skinny people don’t have enough muscle to look toned. Increasing the size of their muscles would make them look firmer. Some heavy people have lots of muscle but the hard muscle is covered by soft loose fat.
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Lose Fat

Getting rid of fat is a big part of toning up. The fat is covering the firm body you want to show off. Dieting can help get rid of the fat but diets can cause you to lose muscle. Food provides you with energy. You need it. If you want to lose fat without losing muscle then you need to eat lots of food but you don’t need junk food. Reduce the amount of empty calories you consume by eating less junk and drinking fewer high calorie junk drinks like pop. Become more active so you burn more calories. Do activities that use up a lot of energy.
Building muscle helps with fat loss. If you have very little muscle it is harder to get rid of fat and keep it off. I would do a lot of intense cardio and weight lifting to lose fat fairly quickly. To burn more calories I would try to increase the intensity and duration of my workouts as my strength and endurance improved. If you want to lose more fat without gaining muscle then exercise more often but don’t try to improve. Take fewer days off from exercise and spend less time sitting around

Build Muscle

You can build muscle by lifting light weights or by lifting heavy weights. You could bike fast or bike slow. The workout just needs to be challenging. Do an exercise or workout routine long enough to experience muscle fatigue and you will build muscle. If I do 30 push ups in a row I experience muscle fatigue. If I do 10 push ups while wearing a heavy backpack I experience muscle fatigue. I feel like I reached my limit and my muscles need a break. When I want to build muscle I focus on exceeding my current limits. I try to keep improving. Once your muscles are the size you want them then stop increasing the difficulty of the workout.
Building muscle to tone your body is the same as building muscle to bulk up or slim down.You are building lean muscle because muscle is lean.

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