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Every holiday season it seems like people decide to swallow a ten pound weight or two. Your spouse, your boss, your kids, even your pets will be gaining weight this holiday season, but not you, not this year. You have no time to work off ten pounds of unnecessary fat! You have no desire to go out and buy bigger, baggier clothes! Here are just a few ways to stay true to yourself and avoid holiday weight gain this time and every time during the holiday season:
Make a Commitment to Yourself
Before the holidays, make a written commitment to yourself to stay healthy and not pig out on holiday

food, cookies, and candy. Write down and quantify your goals. For example, maybe this year you’d like to lose 2 or 3 pounds during the holiday season by avoiding your weakness of Christmas cookies. Write out the steps you’re willing to take to make your goals a reality, such as avoiding the local bakery around the holidays, and stay true to your agreement to yourself. If you follow through, you’ll gain self-respect and confidence in your self-control.

Bring a Healthy Dish to Every Holiday Gathering
For every holiday function you attend, volunteer to bring a healthy but yummy holiday dish. Choose your favorite fruit salad or veggie recipe, and share it with friends and family for a refreshingly healthy choice amongst the usual calorie-laden junk.
Say No to Leftovers
The holiday pounds don’t really come from your holiday meal, they come from the delicious but unhealthy leftovers. If you’re hosting a holiday dinner this year, send leftovers home with your guests to avoid snacking on fat, sugar, and sodium filled foods.
Limit the Booze
Alcohol has a surprisingly high number of calories, so limit your consumption to avoid unnecessary weight gain. Besides, excessive drinking and the holidays don’t mix (think last year’s office party), and you’ll avoid embarrassing situations as well as weight if you stay away from booze throughout the holidays.
Don’t Forget to Exercise
Exercise can be hard to fit in to your busy schedule around the holidays, but especially around this time of year it’s essential you do at least a little bit of physical activity. Shoveling snow is a great work-out, as is a day of sledding and skiing. Get involved in a popular winter sport, and you’ll be covered for exercise during the holiday months.
The holidays are the worst cause of unnecessary weight gain, and now you have the ability to avoid

packing on the pounds at all this year. Just remember to stay true to your goals, cook healthy, avoid fattening leftovers, and stay active over the holiday season, and you’ll never have to worry about holiday weight gain again!

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