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Are you conscious and inquisitive about getting conditioned, strong and lean? Well, that depicts the brighter side of your physical health. So, no excuses dear! What you portray should actually be done. Stop thinking about those yummy desserts and scrumptious pizza bites; drooling? Well, wipe it off, put on your comfy outfit and tie up your laces. Hey! Not for heading towards a fast food restaurant but to the gym. Through proper workout sessions, get rid of the excessive fats and tone up your body to look stronger, smarter and younger than ever before.

No doubt cardio imposes a positive aspect and tends to improve our lifestyle. But wait! It is immensely important to firstly get a complete know how about how cardio can effectively be incorporated to reach your desired goals especially when it comes to High-Intensity Cardio. Taking short intervals while working on High-Intensity Cardio is intensely valuable. As long as the intensity is low, walking on the treadmill, cycling, swimming, etc. undoubtedly facilitates you the best regarding calories burn and metabolism. But moving on to the High-Intensity Cardio, there is an overwhelming amount of relevant and substantial information that you need to sort through for excellent results.

Let’s probe deep to figure out the do’s and don’ts of the High-Intensity Cardio for your properly planned workout sessions and achieving your set goals.

Do’s of the High-Intensity Cardio:

It is always advisable to take a start with a thorough warm-up of at least ten minutes. A good warm up will boost up your blood flows and prepares you well for High-Intensity Cardio. Now do not ever try to sneak out or tempt towards cutting it short.

To begin with, you cannot do the full high-intensity session in a go. Common sense my pal! After all, we are not robots. You need to add intervals of about 30 seconds each. As you get comfortable, your fitness conditioning will improve that will lead you to longer intervals and higher intensity. 

Always choose for an exercise which you enjoy the most and that make you move to the beat. If you do not like a particular mode of your training session, then chances are you will start looking for silly excuses to get rid of your workouts.

Always put your form first. Exercise done with poor form is quite risky, and you might get yourself injured, irrespective of whether or not you use the equipment. Ah! That hurts. So if you are not comfortable, then it is better to either switch to an easier version or take unscheduled intervals until you can continue with a good form

Always make sure that you have a complete understanding of the proper way of executing an exercise before starting it.

High-intensity enthusiast must add up an adequate amount of protein to their diet plan. And yes! Stay hydrated.

A sufficient downtime and resting are highly essential to recover and rebuild otherwise continuous workout will start tearing you up. 48 hours rest in between the intense workouts is a good rule to follow. So, the lazy ones should be thankful to the one who made this rule.

Don’ts of the High-Intensity Cardio:

Do not focus on the single muscle group. High-Intensity Cardio works best with the full body exercises. Focusing on only single muscle group is never a good idea. For the best of the results, you need to plan out the involvement of your complete body.

Do no limit your nutrition excessively. People usually believe that cutting down the nutrients along with the workouts will help them lose their weight quickly. Highly mistaken my friends! However, this is not the case as it adversely affects the health as well as lower down the energy level that is essential for the training.

Wrapping up:

High Intensity Cardio is a remarkable tool that gets you in a good shape but it should be utilized properly and safely while keeping in mind the above mentioned do’s and don’ts list. Other than this, consistency is the key that will take you to the level of fitness along with intense workouts that is beyond the reach of customary techniques of exercise. So, get on your toes, give it a shot. All the best!

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    • Mimi
    • August 24, 2017

    This was so helpful, I’m trying to loose weight and hiit is my favourite workout!
    Love, Mimi

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