The Do’s and Don’ts of High-Intensity Cardio

Are you conscious and inquisitive about getting conditioned, strong and lean? Well, that depicts the brighter side of your physical health. So, no excuses dear! What you portray should actually be done. Stop thinking about those yummy desserts and scrumptious pizza bites; drooling? Well, wipe it off, put on your comfy outfit and tie up […]

French Bread Strapped to a Bicycle

What is Carb Cycling Exactly?

Most of us love carbs, as much as we may say we don’t. Let’s be truthful here. Pretty much everything that is delicious comes from a carb but when it comes to burning fat, carbs are the first thing to go! Why? Although we do need carbs, too much of them and they end up […]


BOOTY: Mini Booty Workout

Workout Breakdown: Warm-up 30 high knees  20 walking lunges  repeat three times 15 Wall ball squats 10 side and back lunges on right side 10 side and back lunges on left side Repeat three times 15 to 20 deadlifts 20 jumping jacks Repeat three times This is a quick booty work out, have fun! Looking […]


4 Simple Ways To Incorporate Fitness Into Busy Days

When your busy working out—seems to slide. A fitness class or gym sesh is just another commitment that can feel stressful when I’m busy. Anyone else? But instead of getting overwhelmed by the thought of adding one more thing to my plate, I’m finding ways to keep up with fitness—without the stress. I know that […]

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