30daysofchange30 Days of Change program is designed to change your exercise habits as well as the way you look and feel – in a month.

It is completely 100% equipment free. Different daily programs in PDF Format you can save and access on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device anywhere, you can also print and take.

You also receive a free Smoothie Recipe E-Book!


30 Days of Change is designed for weight loss and toning up, it is pretty intense but it keeps the day-to-day routines balanced and just hard enough to keep your body changing. This program includes a lot of outside cardio so you have to be prepared to get outside from time to time and walk, jog or run.


You have a month to get ready for that beach day, wedding, or high school reunion then this can work for you, it is also a great fitness jump start. Different daily programs will ensure that your body doesn’t adapt to the same routine so you’ll see progress a lot sooner than with any other program.

The only program that will work is one you’ll actually follow consistently. So take that as your rule!

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