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One of my favorite tools is the Barbell, you can definitely add variety to a workout with a barbell. If you choose to accept, I challenge you to the barbell workout below.

Grab a mat and a straight fixed-weight barbell; (start with 20 pounds if you aren’t sure what you can handle) and work your way down the list in super-set fashion.

  • Standing curls: 10 reps
  • Strict press (shoulder press): 10 reps
  • Back or front squats: 15 reps (On the last rep squat down even farther until your butt hits the floor, roll onto your back and extend your arms above your chest.)
  • Keep legs straight and bring toes to bar. Say hello to your abs: 15 reps
  • Lower your legs and perform a close grip-chest press: 10 reps
  • Finish by holding the bar straight out in front of your chest, plant your feet close to your butt and use a little momentum to stand straight up.

That’s your first set!

Set the weight down, rest and repeat four more times.

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