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Scrub Me Soft: 
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The benefits from the coffee on your skin while working really are not that much different from the beauty benefits. But these benefits I have noticed about myself personally since I just started my fitness journey. We all know that when you body gains weight you produce stretch marks. And when you lose weight the same thing happens to the skin because if someone is not hydrating the skin properly with lotion or vitamins then stretch marks product from losing the weight faster than the skin can shrink. The coffee scrub allows the skin to shrink with you by hydrating it and putting the elasticity back into it. Which will prevent the stretch marks from even forming from the beginning.

Same thing applies when someone with an already fit body that is on the journey of muscle building. Men and female skin when forming muscle can form stretch marks on then inner thighs and inner arms (closer to the armpit). Coffee will prevent the muscle stretch marks to form on the areas.

A lot of people use the skinny wraps, I have, but didn’t see the results everyone talked about. At least not as fast as I have seen results with the coffee scrub. I believe this can be a faster alternative than the skinny wraps.

I personally have a girl who is kinda like my tester on this. She has lost over 70 pounds in a year and her skin did not shrink with her. Her arms have the left over skin as well as her stomach. Each week she will be sending me pictures of her results with the coffee scrub effect I can ask her if it’s ok for you to post on your IG fitness page to support the coffee scrub work out additive.

FitCrazy’s Miry:

Scrolling through Instagram one day I stumbled upon this scrub and I’m so happy I did!! I followed them for a few weeks and after reading the benefits plus seeing the effects it had on people I decided to reach out to Scrub Me Soft personally.

Aside from the sweet and fabulous owner, this stuff is to die for! I absolutely love it and could not enthuse about it enough. It’s inexpensive and it’s just brilliant. She sent me the body scrub and two bath bombs, I was in love. It helps with cellulite, stretch marks, psoriasis, varicose veins, eczema and acne. As well as tones, exfoliates, and makes you smell great.

I’ve been using it for two weeks and I must say that I totally notice a difference in my skin!

And I must also Say that the bath bombs are to die for! They smell amazing, my bath was spectacular the scents of these bombs are amazing!!! I have become a lifelong fan… I swear it, I can’t rave about it enough. I recommend it to everyone, all her products are amazing!

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