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123lbs – Toned – Bikini Body

When I learned I was pregnant last year I was in the best shape of my life. The pregnancy came as a shock and also as a happy surprise. Although I worried about how my life, especially my body, would change as the months past and after giving birth I was absolutely excited to become a mother. And now I am a mother. I have created, grown, carried and birthed a gorgeous son.

File Mar 06, 10 26 29 PM
Mid-Pregnancy 140lbs

As I slowly start to get the hang of this parenting thing, I am itching to get back on track to my post baby body, the recommendation is always to wait about 6 weeks after having your baby to start back to a rigorous fitness routine. So I sit here behind this screen fantasizing about my next doctors appointment when the good ol’ doc will give me the green light on exercise. 

In the meantime, I will start with a new diet and supplementing with RSP Nutrition, and of course since I am nursing I will be taking the supplements that are approved by my doctor.

Post Baby:

Total Pregnancy Weight: 164lbs
Current Weight: 138lbs
Left to Lose: 15-20lbs

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Below is a sample of the diet I will be on and the list of Supplements I will be taking:

Breakfast / Meal 1

2 Egg Whites
Oatmeal – 1 Serving
3 Strawberries

Snack / Meal 2

1 Green Apple

Lunch / Meal 3

Chicken Breast – 4oz
Baked Sweet Potato – 0.5
Romaine Lettuce – 1 Serving

Snack / Meal 4

PROTEIN SHAKE with Super Greens
10 Almonds

Dinner / Meal 5

Steak/ Chicken/ Turkey – 4oz
Spinach – 1 Serving

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