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Problem: You’re not keeping track of your results

If you are serious about making progress with your cardio and general health, keeping track of your results is super important. In the first few weeks (and months) of my fitness programs or any other workout routine, you may not notice changes in your body straight away. However, tracking the time or distance of your cardio workouts can help you to see other ways you are making progress. Maybe you’re walking or running the same distance in less time, or completing your reps more easily. That’s a sign you may be ready to increase the intensity of your workout.

How you can fix it: Start using your phone

One of the biggest motivations for continuing a fitness routine is measurable results. Seeing as most people carry their phone with them to the gym, it makes sense to keep your information stored here! You can track the progress made over each workout in the notes and compare it to previous weeks and months. If you know you completed 10 minutes of HIIT last week, you’ll know you need to smash out at least 10 minutes this week. If your phone has a timer, it makes it easy to stay on top of intervals too.

It’s also a great idea to use your phone to capture before and after photos to see how your cardio is helping to shape your body. I love to see the fantastic progress that my clients achieve! And I encourage you and it is wonderful to be able to share these transformations with other girls who are walking the same journey. You never know who you might inspire!

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