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Product Description:

Taste the nectar of the Gods! The best, most complete protein supplement within the gates of Mt. Olympus. The Hercules Supplement fosters a speedy recovery period and bolsters immediate muscle regeneration upon consumption. The right combination of Whey Proteins will help your human body transform into a divine workout being after each exercise!

My Review: 

Alright, So here is Hercules my new protein from @immortallabs (! I love the taste which I got in Cake Batter and I also love that there aren’t many ingredients to this protein. Low calorie, low carbs, gluten free and low in sugar! They also have it in Chocolate which I will definitely try next! I love it so much I decided to reach out and work with them. 
Go get yourself one of these! (Be sure to use Code: FitCrazy to get a 10% discount) 🙂 train with the gods my fellow gods and goddesses! 

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