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Both types of yogurts – Regular & Greek – are healthy, make no mistake about it. Of the two however, Greek yogurt is healthier. Let’s see why!

The removal of whey removes a lot of sugar and in effect, calories, while increasing the amount of protein which is almost double due to it becoming denser as compared to the same volume of regular yogurt.
Even low fat Greek yogurt is creamier due to its density. It has more tang than regular yogurt.
Greek yogurt has much lower lactose than regular yogurt. This is beneficial for people who are lactose intolerant as it makes digesting it easier.
Greek yogurt does not curdle at high temperatures and hence it can be added to hot dishes, unlike regular yogurt.

What To Avoid In Greek Yogurt ?
As Greek yogurt is a healthier food choice, it would be better if the following are kept in mind while purchasing it.

  • Choose a variety that has no additives, fillers or empty calories.
  • Choose the type that is free of gluten so that it can be consumed by those allergic to it.
  • It should be free of animal fats or gelatin thereby being vegetarian friendly.
  • It should only contain natural sugar.
  • A good quality and well made Greek yogurt does not need thickeners or other ingredients to improve its texture, consistency or taste.

Uses Of Greek Yogurt
Greek yogurt can be used in much the same way as sour cream and more.

It can be eaten as it is or topped with maple syrup, olive oil, honey, chocolate syrup, muesli, fruits, dry fruits. In fact anything that catches your fancy.
It can be used to make dips, sauces, added to smoothies, shakes, popsicles, parfaits, muffins etc.
There are numerous other ways to get creative with Greek yogurt.

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