​Hello! My name is Mirielys Perez, I am a personal trainer, fitness coach, and life-lover. Although I reside in Miami, I can help you, your friends, and your family change their lives for the better through diet and fitness! I am not your typical “gym trainer”. I am a life trainer. I will help you implement new foods, exercises, and thought processes into your daily routine that can boost your mood and your looks. I recently re-launched the FitCrazy website which is absolutely packed with methods and tools that can be used for crafting a unique and functional fitness program for anyone! I am also a NASM Certified Fitness Professional and Personal Trainer, so I have done my homework when it comes to bringing fitness into your life.

I run a couple of online profiles as well to keep my students in inquiries informed about what’s going on in both my life and with FitCrazy! From looking at some of them you will know right off of the bat that I am all about inspiration, ass-kicking, and Disney! Super Heroes are also plastered among my interests too, but hey, whatever works right!? Keeping my life colorful is what brings me positive vibes and that is what I strive to create for myself, my clients and my followers – positive vibes.

You can find me online at:

My combination of websites as well as social medias allows me to keep aligned with the age of information and also remain old school; this way I am well-conditioned to working with anyone who wants to change for the better. You’re never too old, too sick, or too weak to start again!

As a personal trainer, I am the new doorway on your old path. I am going to help you fight through blood, tears & sweat and the personal growth experienced from working with a trainer for yourself can be the most rewarding experience!

One of my favorite parts of fitness is all in the diet, fitness is not just torturing your body with weights all day – my fitness practice is about healing. I am constantly making delicious smoothies, protein induced meals; and fresh fruits & vegetables. I love eating healthy and seeing/feeling the benefits from eating healthy. Through healthy meals, and proper training techniques that I have learned from my schooling – I am a one-of-a-kind fitness trainer and personal trainer. I do like to stick with the term “life trainer”, too.
I’ve always said do not stress about things that cannot be changed as I myself have been through a fitness upheaval. I know what it takes to win and I can be just as fun-loving and sweet as I can be full-throttle energy and chaos.

Thanks for taking a look at what I am all about – my 30 day healthier lifestyle challenge is a great way to start a new lifestyle of health – something that I strive to create. Again, my name is Mirielys Perez, and you will not forget me.

 You can email Mirielys: miry@fitcrazy.tv

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