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As I always tell my clients; Glutes are the most powerful and largest muscle group of your body. They function in order to move your hips so as to power you upward, downward, forward, backward and side-to-side. However, not using your booty muscles for long periods makes your glute muscles undertrained and weak. For this reason, the booty loses its shape and performance.

This is why it is important that you work on it so that you can retain the shape and maintain the performance of the booty. The way it is important to keep your body healthy, booty’s are also equally important and this is why focusing on it should be a priority. There is nothing different that you have to do in order to shape and maintain your booty; all you have to do is exercise.

When talking about workouts, there are many that you can perform but it usually depends from individual to individual because not every person can do the same exercise. The reason is that some find one exercise hard whereas the other half find the other exercise difficult. However, there are many effective glute exercises that individuals can do; according to what they feel comfortable with and can shape their butts in no time.

Most Effective Glute Exercises

The following are 3 glute exercises that are most effective. Try these out and get that booty in shape!

The best lower-body workout that you can work with. Those who do squats will have strong hips and a lower back because squatting works almost every muscle in your leg. The lower you go when squatting the better it is. If you stop at parallel when back squatting, your glute muscles will be less engaged however when you go beyond parallel, there will be more emphasis on your glutes and hamstrings. Additionally, you need to maintain proper form when squatting, therefore make sure to keep your legs shoulder-width apart alongside toes pointed out slightly.

hip-thrust-exercise-1024x641Hip Thrust: One of the most recommended glute exercises is the hip thrust that will turn on your glutes. This is an easy-to-do and easy to learn an exercise that has to be done for at least 20 seconds every day. Once you get the hang of it, you can also practice it with variations. The two variations are: one with a leg lift and other with a barbell. The benefits of doing this exercise are that it will increase your butt size and improve its speed and endurance. Moreover, it is best for those who have a back pain because it strengthens your lower back muscles and eventually aids in decreasing lower back pain.

kettlebellswingKettlebell Swing: This workout works best to hammer your backside. It works explosively on your hamstrings and glutes. The target muscle fiber is the fast-twitch. This muscle is used in almost every activity and also is the one that weakens with age. Thus, doing this workout will activate your glutes. However, remember to squeeze your butt at the top of the movement while also keeping your back in a neutral position.

Try the above-mentioned workouts and let me know what the results are!

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