Most of us love carbs, as much as we may say we don’t. Let’s be truthful here. Pretty much everything that is delicious comes from a carb but when it comes to burning fat, carbs are the first thing to go!
Why? Although we do need carbs, too much of them and they end up getting stored as fat instead of being burned off.

Why else? When we lower carbs, and increase protein we not only switch the body to start burning off more fat, but we also stimulate a positive change in body composition – which means more lean muscle.

Changing body composition is key.
When we increase lean muscle we increase our metabolism.

So, although cutting carbs is necessary for weight loss, following an ultra low carb diet is not! There is a better way. When it comes to getting lean, trim and curvy!

What is Carb Cycling Exactly?

Carb cycling uses intermittent fluctuations of high and low carbs. This switching helps keep your metabolism fired up, so you can avoid weight loss plateaus that happen with many other diets.

While low phases allow you to burn through carbs that you have stored in muscle glycogen and allow you to access fat for burning during workouts; high days up-regulate important hormones involved in your metabolism, your muscle building, and your mood.

Let’s Recap:

High Carb Days:

  • Stimulates insulin – an anabolic hormone that shuttles nutrients to the muscles, allowing them to get what they need to grow, recover and re-build
  • Re-fills lost muscle glycogen – your muscles main source of energy
  • Re-energizes your body and your mood, by increasing release of feel-good neurotransmitters such as serotonin

Low Carb Days:

  • Burn through stored muscle glycogen, switching the body to use fat as its primary energy source instead of carbs
  • Reduces blood glucose levels and insulin response, allowing you to be more receptive to insulin response on high days

There we go!


If you are interested in a customized Carb Cycling diet:


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