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The weather is heating up all over the country, especially here in MIA and FitCrazy has teamed up with File Mar 07, 10 22 40 AMBum Bum’s Bikini to bring you some sexy bikinis!

Nothing is quite as intimidating as bikini season. Being bikini ready has little to do with how you LOOK in a bikini, but everything to do with how you FEEL in one.

We know exercise has a cumulative effect. If you could get a Brazil Butt Lift in a single workout, the program would only last a day. And it can take weeks to see improvements, thats why if you start getting bikini ready in the winter months, you might walk with a bit more confidence around that pool.

When all is said and done, feeling comfortable in your own skin, even if it contains five extra pounds, is the most attractive attribute you can have.


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