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When your busy working out—seems to slide. A fitness class or gym sesh is just another commitment that can feel stressful when I’m busy. Anyone else? But instead of getting overwhelmed by the thought of adding one more thing to my plate, I’m finding ways to keep up with fitness—without the stress. I know that in the end getting my body moving and my head clear with help with mood and stress levels, so it’s crucial.

Most importantly, I like to remind myself that it’s day-by-day. I don’t need to think about how I’ll fit fitness into my packed schedule as a whole; I simply need to figure out how to move each day. One at a time! Here’s how to easily add fitness into busy days:

1.) Keep comfy clothes in your car: If you can get away with wearing workout clothes to your job, even better, but if not, keeping a spare set with you is key. This leaves you the chance to go for a run after work or a walk at lunch. Hit up a park for sprints or stairs to amp it up.

2.) Buy a jump rope: Such an easy way to get a killer workout. Jump for 5-10 minutes while watching TV or use it for a full cardio workout. Simple and cheap!

3.) Utilize mundane tasks: If you’re going to have a seriously busy day, use mundane tasks to get your workout in. Do squats while you brush your hair and teeth. Use your kitchen counter for push-ups as your coffee brews. Do leg raises from your chair—whatever! You’d be shocked at how much you can move with no gym equipment or gym involved.

4.) Challenge your coworkers: Using a Fitbit or fitness app, ask coworkers to get involved in a friendly challenge. Whoever can take the most steps each week until the end of the year gets a prize—or at least bragging rights. This doesn’t require a commitment to a workout or the gym, but it will get you moving!

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